Have you ever taken something into the shop for a simple thing and then you get a call back from the service writer and a $40 issue turns into an $800 or a $1500 or a $2500 issue? Why is that? There is a thing called commission. Here at Ivan Stewart Motorsports our employees DO NOT make commission. So, when an Ivan Stewart Motorsports employee gives you his or her recommendation on service you can feel confident that their intention is to take care of the customer and not their pocketbook.

Not sure what part or accessory is needed? Call 858-848-7095 or stop in today and our team will be happy to assist! Bringing you some of the most popular used and new motorsports vehicles for sale is our passion. Long after the sale is final, we want to make sure your powersports vehicle stays in perfect condition. Our certified technicians want to make sure that happens. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!